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These useful computer tricks everyone should know

by deepak   ·  3 months ago   ·  

Computer & Laptops are now used generally from everyone. most of the people use pc normally but not smartly, today I will tell you some more useful tricks to use your personal computer smartly.

  1. Accidentally close browser tab:-  Most of the time we click on a wrong place and the tab we used get closed. so if now you get this type of problem Click “CONTROL+SHIFT+T” and it will magically reappear. 
  2. Only take the screenshot some part of the screen you want:-  If you don’t want to take the full screenshot, only want to take some part of the screen. click  COMMAND + SHIFT + 4 for MAC and drag and drop that specific area. for windows – just go to start and click on SNIPPING TOOL.

Deepak singh

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